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Dhol2Dhol is a school made up of experienced Dhol Players which solely focuses on providing top musical tuition for its students.


Dhol2Dhol is an independent school founded by music maestro Jay Pisavadia (Mistry) along with Raj Kukadia and Vinod Kerai in 1999. The school provides a unique skill in learning the Dhol and how rhythm works through reading, writing, counting.


The School was created with one goal in mind; to provide top musical instruction to players of all levels. Well-established, infallible, musical information, guaranteed to help you to grow as players and artists, is what you will receive at the Dhol2Dhol School. We have nearly a 100% improvement rate in our student’s playing and over-all musicality. *


There are no auditions to attend the school. We do not believe that you must qualify to study with us. We must qualify to teach you. The absolute beginner is welcomed here and can feel at ease, knowing that they will not be overwhelmed while learning at their speed and ability. Intermediate and advanced players will find teachers equal to the task of guiding them through more sophisticated musical instruction.


This is the place for players who wish to learn more about the language of music, to seek a higher level of expression through musical knowledge and new approaches to playing.

Where to find us:

Preston Park Primary School

Western Australia

What's new?

Dhol2Dhol play for Rangeelu Gujarat 2023

On 29th November 2019 we celebrate 20 Years.

Dhol2Dhol have lauched a new concept called #D2Dinspire.. watch this space!

Dhol2Dhol performed at the London Marathon 2018 for Diabetes UK

Dhol2Dhol performed at the London Marathon 2017 for Sue Ryder

Dhol2Dhol performed at the London Marathon 2016 for Sue Ryder

Dhol2Dhol performed for Sports Relief 2016 @ the Olympic Park

Dhol2Dhol were very proud to perform at the Olympic Park on the Closing Paralympics Games 2012 Bandstand & The Olympic Torch.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee 2012

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